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DSQ001: ajilvsga “archived bones” c21 (ltd to 20) – sold out
DSQ002: godseye s/t c28 (ltd to 23) – sold out
DSQ003: sovetskaya gone “graveyards of the atlantic” c20 (ltd to 20) – sold out
DSQ004: grave committee “now it has stopped” c26 (ltd to 22) sold out
DSQ005: cheek tba c27 (ltd to 14) – sold out
DSQ006: charlatan “masquerades” c33 (ltd to 18) – sold out
DSQ007: ukraine “oldtime burners” c31 (ltd to 16) – sold out
DSQ008: eagle altar “my baptist results” c30 (ltd to 30) – sold out
DSQ009: sovetskaya gone “2182 khz” c28 (ltd to 24) – sold out
DSQ010: charlatan “hamptons” c30 (ltd to 20) – sold out
DSQ011: dick test “slaughterhouse sabbath” c49 (ltd to 11) – sold out
DSQ012: youth studies “always too young” c41 (ltd to 16) – sold out
DSQ013: lexus fur “swimming in the ocean” c33 (ltd to 16) – sold out
DSQ014: little knives “ancients” c26 (ltd to 19) – sold out
DSQ015: alphabet planet “reactionary” c21 (ltd to 18) – sold out
DSQ016: pink priest “wet empire” c26 (ltd to 20) – sold out
DSQ017: the north sea “no sky remains” c34 (ltd to 24) – sold out
DSQ018: lexus fur “flame out” c29 (ltd to 13) – sold out
DSQ019: tough times “some crosses never go out of style” c25 (ltd to 24) – sold out
DSQ020: pink city children “venusian court” c20 (ltd to 14) – sold out
DSQ021: ajilvsga “burnt offering” c44 (ltd to 26) – sold out
DSQ022: youth studies “wedding magic” c28 (ltd to 20) – sold out
DSQ023: icehaus “ithaca” c26 (ltd to 20)
sold out
DSQ024: silvercone calicos “scarecrow 79” c36 (ltd to 20) – sold out
DSQ025: black eagle child “gross machinery” c21 (ltd to 26) – sold out
DSQ026: modem doom “classic case scenario” c43 (ltd to 18) – sold out
DSQ027: ciliates “underwater life” c30 (ltd to 16) – sold out
DSQ028: electronic exercises “volume 01” c60 (ltd to 20)
sold out
DSQ029: dada centauri “I” c28 (ltd to 22) – sold out
DSQ030: the north sea “dismantled” c33+c32+c30+c26+c24+c40 6-tape box (ltd to 30)
DSQ031: sovetskaya gone “guadalupe in the promised land” c69 (ltd to 25) – sold out
DSQ032: silvercone calicos “lizard skin costume” c40 (ltd to 18) sold out
DSQ033: afterlife “ashen reflection” c28 (ltd to 26)sold out
DSQ034: early tunnels “blind spots” c38 (ltd to 24)
DSQ035: ahket “your fucking funeral” c28 (ltd to 22)
DSQ036: pete fosco “breath radiant” c39 (ltd to 28) –
sold out
DSQ037: 2 hands on knobs “space bath transformation” c85 (ltd to 22) – sold-out
DSQ038: lightshow “loose ends” c30 (ltd to 18) – sold out
DSQ039: gremlynz “gremlinzz” c20 (ltd to 22) – sold-out
DSQ040: ajilvsga “origin of the chaul” c60+c27+c32+c35 (ltd to 22+10) sold out
DSQ041: indian weapons tba (ltd to 24)
DSQ042: zx-9 “particle decay” c32 (ltd to 22) – sold out
DSQ043: malibu wands “crafting” c23 (ltd to 24) sold out
DSQ044: sundrips “slow futures” c30 (ltd to 24)
sold out
DSQ045: gii “orgasm” c23 (ltd to 20) sold out
DSQ046: concessionaires “likely vagrants” c34+c45 (ltd to 25)sold out
DSQ047: kplr “transmission fissions” c36 (ltd to 24) sold out
DSQ048: cordyceps “fireworks” c39 (ltd to 24) sold out
DSQ049: quiet evenings “my soul will be the song of the desert that will follow you” c30 (ltd to 24) sold out
DSQ050: motion sickness of time travel “awakening” c45 (ltd to 32)
sold out
DSQ051: nova scotian arms “dwellings” c41 (ltd to 24) sold out
DSQ052: ajilvsga “live blood” c50 (ltd to 26)
DSQ053: inez lightfoot live c34 (ltd to 26)

later:  ?????

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