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dial square tapes is the private press label of brad rose/the north sea/digitalis.  releases will be tiny runs (20 or less generally) with b&w packaging and generally related to ajilvsga/the north sea & oklahoma drones, and stuff related to people i consider close friends more specifically.  release announcements will be sporadic i.e. just check back periodically/get in touch as i don’t plan on announcing much:: it will just happen. the runs are in such small numbers because we plan on using leftover cassettes & such in an attempt to cut down on waste.  i also want to keep this as something close & intimate hence the nature of calling it ‘private press.’ i’m sure that will piss some people off, but it is what it is.  everything ends up on the internet, anyway.

i also plan to use this space to post long out-of-print cassette downloads, playlists, very short reviews, & other things tape-related.  show/tour info as well.

contact me via digitalis / email.


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