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Digitalis LTD: The Final Batch

February 22, 2012

so it is with much excitement that today is the day we officially unveil the last batch of digitalis ltd tapes.  i’ve had a lot of emails asking WTF over the last few weeks, but no fear – we are not closing up shop or anything like that.  we’re just evolving and changing things up for 2012 in order to try and satiate that constant desire for something new, something different.  in addition to our large-scale pressings on the mothership, we’ll be doing future limited/short-run editions through digitalis LTD as well – it’s just that the format and scale will change.  so without further rambling, take note:

ltd#229: rj valeo w/ justin gibbon & justin miller “the philadelphia recordings” c40 (75 copies)
imagine ’70s-era roedelius remixed by autechre and you’re close
ltd#231: jerry paper “vol. 1” c32 (75 copies)
woozy pop songs from the artist formerly known as zonotope
ltd#232:  nodolby “every night we are haunted by a dream” c31 (75 copies)
time-lapsed drones that drown beneath the blackness
ltd#233: nick forté “starved for ascension” c40 (75 copies)
blown-out scuzz that is utterly, deliciously relentless
ltd#234: asha sheshadri “flowers in glass cases” c32 (75 copies)
ex-mutation in the gryd hauntress that is willing to throw acid on your dreams
ltd#235:  guerilla toss “young christian balls” c32 (75 copies)
boston free-spazz skronk masters ready to burn down your town
ltd#236: lightning strike lightning “creepy power” c40 (75 copies)
l’aniamaux tryst supergroup’s second effort reissued from its desert doldrums
ltd#237: brian lavelle “amulets” c41 (75 copies)
dripping prisms that stick like meat to your bones

individual tapes are $7 US/$8 CANMEX/$9.50 INTL.  entire batch $43/$52/$61. get in touch. (sorry for the slight increase.  shipping prices are brutal)

there will be no delays w/ this batch like last time.  everything WILL SHIP next week, guaranteeeeeed.


DIGIV039: FRAK “Muzika Electronic” LP

February 10, 2012

digiv039: FRAK “muzika electronic” LP $15 / $18 / $27

When I really think about it, it utterly blows my mind that FRAK has been around for 25 years now. They have been the talisman of Sweden’s inimitable Börft label since its inception. Over the course of dozens of tapes, 12”s, and full-lengths this group has known no real boundaries. It is alien music in every sense of the word. Even if each track offers something different to the narrative, the album keeps a connective tissue running throughout. After 25 years, FRAK is showing no signs of age.

Muzika Electronic is a mix of skewed dance music paired with heavy doses of modular synthesizer exploration and bizarro pop. It’s all brand new, recorded specifically for Digitalis. FRAK is constantly skirting the line between minimal dance music and noise music, often finding new and innovative spaces to occupy and exploit. Album opener “Voyage No. 1” embodies this to perfection. Slow-moving rhythms provide the backbone while looping, crusty synths spin around, spiked with dizzying, high-pitched melodies. It seems odd at first, but as an introduction to what is contained within the sonic walls of Muzika Electronic, it starts this journey off right. It flows into the deceptively catchy “Tristesse Dance” like magic. You will find yourself hooked on the cyclical bassline within a few bars.

FRAK’s pop sensibilities are most on display, though, with the New Order-tinged “Pulse-Crack.” Wide-eyed leads mesh into the pulsating bass undercurrents, riding a blissed-out electronic wave into outer space. It is absolutely hypnotizing. The robotic vocals of “Varje Dag” and “In Order to Create” are swimming in a sci-fi glow. This is music that is wrestling with itself, never sure if it is searching for the future of dance music or harkening back to its past. That dichotomy, though, is what drives Muzika Electronic into so many great and unexpected realms. Ultimately, this is a place we all should want to be.

Cut to vinyl (LOUD) by Rashad Becker at D+M Berlin. Art by Tiny Little Hammers.


Coming Soon pt. 4

February 8, 2012

the final batch. two weeks.

Winter Clean Out

January 29, 2012

Once again, Eden & I have done another clean out of stuff and in an effort to pay some bills while she is unemployed, we’re selling some music from our collection.  Some of these are duplicates and some are things I just don’t listen to regularly enough to justify keeping – I’d rather they end up with someone who is gonna listen to ’em.  Some of it I hate to sell, but times are rough so what are ya gonna do?

This list isn’t necessarily complete, so if there’s something in particular you’re hoping to find, let me know.  Send me an email, make an offer, we’ll figure it out.  Here we go:


Blessure Grave “Learn to Love the Rope” LP (Captured)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Anakrid split LP (Black Horizons/Stereonucleosis/PsychForm)
Children’s Hospital “Alone Together” LP (Sacred Bones)
D. Charles Speer & The Helix “After Hours” LP (Black Dirt)
Explorers “Bermuda Telepaths” (Not Not Fun)
Family Underground “Riven” LP (Not Not Fun)
Flashback Repository LP (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Forest Swords “Dagger Paths EP” LP (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Gary War “Horribles Parade” LP (Sacred Bones) art edition
Inca Ore “Birthday of Bless You” LP (Not Not Fun)
Magic Lanterns “High Beams” LP (Not Not Fun) sealed
Micah Blue Smaldone “The Red River” (Immune)
Monosov Swirnoff/Habitat Sound System split LP (Eclipse)
Naked on the Vague “The Blood Pressure Sessions” LP (Siltbreeze)
Om “Pilgrimage” LP (Southern Lord)
Pocahaunted “Chains” LP (Teenage Teardrops)
Pocahaunted “Mirror Mics” LP (Weird Forest)
Quiet Evenings “Intrepid Trips” LP (Hooker Vision)
Rangers “Suburban Tours” LP (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Shepherds “Loco Hills” LP (Not Not Fun)
Steve Gunn/Shawn David McMillen “End of the City” split LP (Abandon Ship/Abaddon/DNT)
Sun Araw “Beach Head” LP (Not Not Fun)
Sun Araw “Boat Trip” LP (Woodsist)
Treetops “Permission/When I Was Younger” LP (Arbor)
V/A “My Estrogeneration” LP (Not Not Fun)


Bark Haze “Macannabis” (Arbor)
Bermuda Link “Trapped in Fantasy” tape (Irma Vep)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer “Feeding” tape (Gnarled Forest)
Copper Glove “Live Trash” (Cavelife)
Criminals “Coral Blade Grotto” tape (Midnight Star Media)
Cro Magnon Circuit des Yeux/Bird tape (Goaty)
Cursillistats “Peace Pipers” tape (L’animaux Tryst)
Dylan Ettinger “Safari Zone” tape (El Tule)
Earth Crown “Nw Wrld” (Ekhein)
Earth Crown “Secret Village” (Agents of Chaos)
Evan Miller/Changeling split (Callow God)
Evan Miller/Gown split tape (Arbor)
Evan Miller/Taiga Remains split (Callow God)
Fletcher Pratt “Mind Gunk, Vol. 11” tape (Housecraft)
Golden Cup “Il Cielo” (Peasant Magik)
Grasslung “In Bad Fields” (Black Horizons)
Madalyn Merkey “Over Language” tape (Midnight Star Media)
Omon Ra / Chris d’Eon split (Divorce)
Oracle Offering “Beyond Aquaria” (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
Rxccoons/Dream Safari split tape (Midori)
Seziki Tetrasheaf “Confluence of all Conglomorations” tape (Housecraft)
Sky Limousine/Hairmaiden of the Totem Robe split tape (Slime City)
Slaughtering Dolphins “The Tropics” (Cavelife)
Synapse Dragon untitled (Tusco/Embassy)
Taiga Remains w/ Impregnable “Downfall” dbl tape (Callow God)
The Future Twin “III” tape (Different Lands)
The Missing Paperboy “Must Lull Jingles…” (Cavelife)
Tunnels “Meshes of the Afternoon” (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
Uton “Attack of the Aether Sun” tape (Housecraft)
Weak Sisters “Slow Fire” (Ekhein)

Chainfight “Prison Sweat” 2xtape (Chondritic Sound)
Coptic Nausea/Failing Lights/Three Legged Race “Choke on Your Elders” 3xtape (Rampart)
New Russians “Out of the Blue” 2xtape (Rare Youth)
Pink Buffalo “Bearded Tooth” 2xtape (Housecraft)

DIGIV038: Perispirit “Spiritual Church Movement” LP

January 19, 2012

get saved:

DIGIV038: Perispirit “Spiritual Church Movement”

It’s almost winter as I write this and I am pretty sure everything is about to fall apart. Perispirit is the duo of Ricardo Donoso and Luke Moldof and they have been haunting the Northeast for a couple of years now. After a slew of releases on Hospital & Ricardo’s own Semata Productions, Spiritual Church Movement has Perispirit taking an unexpected turn as they unleash their most cohesive and accomplished work to date.

Spiritual Church Movement is the sound of two worlds colliding and forming something entirely new in the aftermath. In this case, digital and analog systems are turned against each other. Moldof’s analog source material was blitzed and manipulated while Donoso worked his sorcery via digital matrix, showing that both approaches can win the prize. Squalid sonic debris spilled out and melted together with beats that are barely there and melodic shrapnel to create this weirdly compelling, utterly disjointed composition. This is dense music with layer-upon-layer of treatments and tones that could only be combined by two people who are as confident as they are diabolical.

If you thought Moldof and Donoso were concerned about expectations, Spiritual Church Movement is proof that that is the last thing on their minds. Synthesizers are mauled by digital processes, battered down to bare bones. The duo turns these passages of melody into disease-stricken robots, lurching into the black of night. Paired with fractured, plodding rhythms, at times this sounds like Autechre attempting to make a noise record. It is well and truly fucked.

The expertise with which everything is constructed, though, is what makes these pieces excel. Everything is where it should be and the combination is almost religious in its attention to detail. But before the duo gets too close to the sun, everything is burned to the ground and the process starts over. It’s almost arrogant how often they fuck with your perception of what this record is, but that punk rock attitude is what helps take this to a different level. Just when you think you have it figured it out, Spiritual Church Movement is off to another disfigured frontier.

Over the course of these two sprawling sides, the cult of Perispirit is born. Ricardo Donoso and Luke Moldof are convinced that anything is possible and nothing is out of bounds. Spiritual Church Movement is their manifesto and at the end of it all, they are the fucking kings.

Mastered by James Plotkin and cut to vinyl by Rashad Becker at D+M Berlin.
pics/ordering/samples/info ::

Digitalis LTD#230: Mind Over Mirrors “Small Portion” c22

January 19, 2012

ltd230: mind over mirrors “small portion” c22 $7 US / $8 CANMEX / $9 INTL

i couldn’t be happier about mind over mirrors return to digitalis with this brief glimpse of what is coming next. “small portion” picks up where “the voice rolling” left off, but finds jaime fennelly harvesting new ground with new ideas. “barely spun (again)” is the perfect segue into this step forward into the bluest of skies. using positive pipe organ, electronics, and tape to weave each sequence into something fantastically symphonic, “barely spun (again)” floats. light as air and totally mesmerizing, the only thing you can do as it absorbs you is drift ahead.

recorded in belgium at AIR in antwerp, it is amazing how fennelly is able to use their pipe organ and bend and sculpt it so that it sounds like his entirely. the hypnotic rhythm of “barely spun (again)” is puncuated by the meditative sprawl that is “curious shape.” as it unwinds through minimal passages that flicker and drone away, there’s a very slow and casual build up of tension. it’s not instantly recognizable until the piece comes together at the end and lets it all run free. it’s beautiful and reassures you that these are still sonic mountains you want to climb. edition of 125.


Cleared / Mind Over Mirrors Winter 2012 Tour
Jan 27 – Montreal, QC – La Brique w/ Koen Holtkamp
Jan 28 – Burlington, VT – Monkey House w/ Koen Holtkamp
Jan 29 – Allston, MA – Spectral Rehab @ O’Brien’s w/ Koen Holtkamp
Jan 30 – Brooklyn, NY – Zebulon w/ Koen Holtkamp
Jan 31 – Philadelphia, PA – Fire Museum @ Highwire Gallery w/ James Plotkin
Feb 1 – Akron, OH – Rubber City Noise Cave w/ Jeremy Bible

DIGIV035: Nova Scotian Arms “Cult Spectrum”

January 5, 2012

and today we kick off 2012:

DIGIV035: Nova Scotian Arms “Cult Spectrum” LP/digital

Nova Scotian Arms has concocted a sprawling, sophisticated catalog of winding compositions and dizzying drones. Grant Evans, who is also 1/2 of Quiet Evenings and co-curator of the Hooker Vision label, is the brains behind the entire operation. Throughout numerous releases he has shown a consistent ability to keep listeners guessing as he explores endless sonic territories. With Cult Spectrum, Evans is drowning himself in a hazy aural sea.

Like much of his work, there is a very distinct mood on Cult Spectrum. This is funereal music that is stretched to its breaking point. Distant galaxies are buried underground in a delicate mix of sounds that are as cosmic as they are organic. This duality is at play straight-off with the masterful opener, “Gathering/Composition.” Soaring in crystal skies on beds of hiss, each strained note from Evans’ Rhodes piano that emerged from the murk is an anchor keeping the song and the mood gravity-stricken. It works to perfection, drawing in the listener immediately.

Tape loops and radio interference deliciously muddy the waters of Cult Spectrum. The 16+ minute burner, “Emulsion,” combines all those and more into a cacophonous stew. Acoustic guitars circle around and die in the swirling synthetic drain. Each wave emerges in stages as Evans shows considerable compositional skill in the way the piece is put together. With “Overcast Strumming (1st Delay)” comes a melancholic, skyward glance. Electronic corridors take shape and find a simple beauty through tonal dichotomies. Blurred drones are puncuated by bursts of fuzz, working in tandem to find that sonic bliss.

If Cult Spectrum is Nova Scotian Arms’ biggest stage and loudest statement then the message is coming through loud & clear. Grant Evans is a force to be reckoned with. This is the sound of dissonance sculpted and shaped into something far greater and leaves its mark long after the final, ghostly seconds of “Hearse Overdub (Decomposition)” fade away. Evans is digging a tunnel, heading straight for the sun

Mastered by Lawrence English and cut at D+M, pressed in Germany. Artwork by Grant Evans. Initial copies on caramel-colored vinyl.