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Looking Ahead…

May 21, 2012

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these posts (actually, maybe I never have… I can’t remember.  Alas…), but after a relatively slow couple of months as Eden & I have adjusted to our new reality (after months of dealing with a lot of stressful crap), we’re finally ready.

We announced that we’d no longer be doing regular, large tape batches at the beginning of the year and bowed out of the mode we’d been operating in with a bang.  As we continue to evolve and mix things up we are planning irregular missives dispersed as they’re hatched in the form of small-run LPs (editions of 150 or less with digital versions also available), live performances, individual cassettes from Digitalis (runs from 40 to 75), & of course the rebirth of Dial Square.  This all will coincide with our larger-run LPs in an attempt to create an aural conversation of what is happening within our various spheres.  And also it will attempt to unearth a lot of great, often under-represented music.

So with all that in mind, a busy summer begins this week with two new missiles fired on Thursday.

First is the year-in-the-making double-cassette split from Vancouver’s S. Kidlat! Ocampo (lots more from him later this summer/year) dual solo personalities of BETAWAVE X and MX7 FOR MYSTERYSEVEN.  Hear for yourself:

On the same day a Canadian legend gets his due as Jean Piché’s seminal work, Heliograms, will be available again on vinyl from Digitalis & Boomkat (and to follow all over in the next week).  Read more HERE and take a listen:

Looking further down the line, DSQ’s gears continue to unthaw and the pipeline is open.  In a week or two we’ll have two live tapes, one from Inez Lightfoot and one from Ajilvsga, available.  Following that will be a massive undertaking – the six-tape North Sea boxed set, Dismantled.  As The North Sea will be put into indefinite hibernation following 2012, the project will go out in style.  We haven’t determined, yet, how many copies of this box will be made and are open to taking pre-orders to quantify demand.  It will be fully-assembled and ready for digestion in late June.

The first of the short-run LPs (“I Was a Teacher” by Birch Cooper) will be available sometime in June as well.  Charlatan will be invading Montreal as part of Suoni on June 9th, performing alongside Digitalis-mainstay Ricardo Donoso as well as Pulse Emitter & Le Révélateur.  Digitalis is inching toward its 10-year anniversary and I think we’re just getting started.

As ever, get in touch with questions, etc.


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