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DSQ029; DSQ042

May 2, 2012

After an absence of over a year, Dial Square is born again.

DSQ029: Dada Centauri “I” c28
First taste from this excellent duo from Calgary. Sci-fi droplets of synthetic ice cooling itself in the Earth’s magnetic fields.  Skitzed-out beats that pummel melodies into the wormhole.   Edition of 22.

All sounds by Whitney Ota and Andrew Hume on Moog/Korg/Casio/Effects
A 2012 recording
Recorded by Whitney Ota at Canopy Sound Studios
Mixed/Mastered by Whitney Ota
Photograph by Whitney Ota

DSQ042: ZX-9 “Particle Decay” c32
Electronic workouts from the land of Oz that zap the atmosphere like a cosmetically-altered rocket with little more than straight jet fuel for a booster. Sequencer dances and decaying bleeps all join together in the abyss.  Edition of 22

Each tape is $6/$7/$8 PPD in the USA/Canada/INTL.  Email to order.

 Both tapes are now sold-out.  Stay tuned for future editions around the bend.

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