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Digtalis LTD: Oktoberfest 2011

September 19, 2011

now that it’s no longer 100+ degrees everyday, we’re scraping ourselves off the pavement to get back to school with these colorful gems:

ltd#212: giant claw “tunnel mind” c36 (75 copies)
terry riley stuck in a video game world of electronic mayhem
ltd#213: quicksails “bywater colours” c30 (75 copies)
chaotic percussion mauling synthesizers forever
ltd#214: josephine “you are perfect today” c45 (100 copies)
jefre cantu-ledesma & milton cross together, a droning party of doom
ltd#215: bastian void “horicon sketches” c32 (75 copies)
growing up right before our eyes, mirrored shards amplified and blitzed out
ltd#216: inez lightfoot “pollen on the brow” c34 (75 copies)
organic spectre with heavenly voices swirling around a wooden abyss
ltd#217: tiger stripe “imaginary number” c31 (75 copies)
first the party then the afterglow
ltd#218: selaroda “synaptic portals” c32 (75 copies)
reanimate the rabbit hole, pluck your piano strings, and sink in this synthetic quicksand
 ltd#219: e.s./i.s. “i see you sister, stand in that effulgence” c66 (75 copies)
the sound of being trapped in a cybernetic torture chamber

individual tapes are $7 US/$8 CANMEX/$9 INTL.  entire batch $42/$50/$58. get in touch.
shipping approx october 3rd

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