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out with the summer…

August 18, 2011

in an attempt to clear out some space and make room for new music and, especially, upcoming digtalis projects and projects of my own, eden & i have been going through all our shelves and piles and boxes of tapes, records, & CDs to sell off some to people who will likely give ’em more love than we have over the last few years (i will resist making a game of thrones joke/reference now).  all of this stuff is in great condition, but i’d rather people who are going to listen to them than i am to get their mitts on ’em.  so here’s the list… email me & make me an offer and we’ll figure something out.  also note that this is by no means complete, so if you have a want list or any specific things you’re looking for, let me know as we may have it stored somewhere and just haven’t got to that box yet!  HUZZAH:

Andrew Coltrane “Plagued Orphans” tape (Young#Fourteen)
Andrew Coltrane “Scourge of Slaves” tape (Hermitage)
Antique Brothers “Season’s Feast” tape
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer “Prossneck, Germany 1629” (Gnarled Forest)
 Caboladies/Oneohtrix Point Never tape (NNA)
Caldera Lakes tape (Blackest Rainbow)
Changeling/Quintana Roo 2×3″ (Hearing Aid)
Chris Riggs “Dead in Michigan” tape (Pizza Night)
Cloaked Light “Drapery” tape (Jugular Forest)
Color Dream “Reminisce” tape (Young Tapes)
Deep Magic “Balance” tape (Deep Tapes)
Dog Food “Marijuana” tape
Faceworker / Cloaked Light split tape
Concrete Arteries/Polish Hex “Facial Spore” split tape (ExBx)
Glass Organ “Untitled” tape (Tone Filth)
Hive Mind “A Feast Within” tape (Gods of Tundra)
Iron Omen “In Solitude” tape (Hermitage)
 Jeff Host “In Memoriam: Joy Bubbles” double tape
 Karlheinz “Creep (Live)” tape (Hospital)
Korperschwache “Fear the Hex” triple tape (Peasant Magik)
Meneguar “Tone Banks 1 ‘Some Downs'” tape (Fuckittapes)
Mental Prism “Farm Sessions Vol. 1” tape (Wagon)
 Modern Office “s/t” tape (Young Tapes)
Nasa “Diamonds & Wood” tape (Not Not Fun)
Nasa “Bummer Daze” tape (Not Not Fun)
No Fun Acid “This Is No Fun Acid Demo Tape” (Hospital)

Nonhorse “Condo Castle” tape (Open Range)
Northern Cross “Masters of Electricity” tape (Callow God)
Odd Clouds / Wigwam split tape/3″ (Arbor)
Predator Vision “II” tape
Pukers “Beach Cop” tape (Not Not Fun)
Quiet Light Water Gap “Live at the Delaware County…” (Wagon)
Quilts “Light Horn” tape (Arbor)
Quintana Roo “Temple of Self Decapitation” tape (Bread & Enimals)
 Religious Knives & The Haunting “Live at the Cove” (Heavy Tapes)
Sleeping Babies “Beneath the Blood Moon” tape (Arbor)
Slow Listener tape (Throne Heap Devotional Music)
Steve Young “Wedge of Light” tape (Young)
Sun Watcher feat. Zac Davis tape (Wagon)
Synaptic Foliage “The Bottom of the Ocean, Pt. II” tape (CHM)
Taiga Remains “Thereafter” tape (Arbor)
Talk Normal tape (Night People)
Telecat Prowlers “Powernap” tape
The Mossy Throats “Melted Dog” tape (Holy Cheever Church)
The Mossy Throats “Wrong Way to Rot” 2x tape+book (ExBx)
The Rita/Body Collector split tape (Ecstatic Peace)
The Stumps “Exigence” tape (Lady Garden)
Treetops “As I Gaze” tape (Arbor)
Treetops “If, Only” tape (Arbor)
Tusco Terror / Druids of Huge “Terror Tapes Vol 41” split tape (MJC)
Tusco Terror “Golden Touch” tape (I Just Live Here)
Uneven Universe “Nebula Blanket” tape (ExBx)
Uneven Universe “Hideous Cosmic Anatomy” 2xtape (ExBx)
V/A “Bleak Village, Vol. 1” tape (Gnarled Forest)
Vibes “You God It” tape (Not Not Fun)
Wagon Tongues “Shadowrock Destroyer” tape (Not Not Fun)
Wet Hair “Irifi” tape (Night People)
Widening Horizon “10,000 Feet Above Us…” tape (Arbor)
Wigwam “Monolith” tape (Fuckittapes)
Withdrawal Method “Cyclic” tape (Hospital)
Wolf Eyes “Live: Lawrence, Kansas/Chicago” tape (Fag Tapes)
Wretched Worst “Inside An Animal” tape (Gods of Tundra)
Xiphiidae “Iiustus” tape (Object Tapes)


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