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Motion Sickness of Time Travel + Concern tapes

August 18, 2011
just in time for each artist’s respective tours, we give you these new tapes (tour dates for each at the bottom of this update as well:
digi059x: motion sickness of time travel “white candle”
during the last few months of 2010, rachel evans & i sent a lot of ideas and thoughts back & forth via email in an effort to create something truly special with her “luminaries & synastry” album.  rachel worked on and recorded so much incredible music during that period that it became a major undertaking in-and-of itself to pare down everything she’d recorded into a single, stellar 45 minute document.  after weeks of deliberation, we settled on a tracklist.
the problem, then, was that there were so many other fantastic pieces of music that didn’t make the cut.  so we put our heads together again and came up with the idea of doing a companion tape that included the best of those outtakes plus two tracks from the very-limited/impossible to find “sistrum” 3″ CDR.  with that i give you “white candle.”  edition of 200 copies, chrome tapes w/ art by francesco de gallo (hobo cult)
the CD edition of “luminaries & synastry” is also available on the site now: 
ltd220: concern “living wage” c20
the ‘living wage’ EP was recorded over a few mornings following 12 hour graveyard shifts as a taxi driver, in a very weary and warm state of mind while adjusting to a new sleep schedule.  each piece was recorded live and manipulated using spring reverb, 1/4″ and cassette tape, with a piano as the sound source on the A side, and a lap steel guitar on the B side.  it is intended as a window into my own tattered and crude processes of of tape manipulation, as well as the feeling of soon-to-sleep in full summer light, and a bridge between more fleshed-out and composed full-length albums. edition of 125. chrome tapes.


we also miscounted the number of emuul LPs we had available, so we have a few more left for direct sale if you’re interested – just shoot me an email.

Aug 18, 2011- Chicago, IL @ The Spaceship w/ Hello Shark & Julia Byrne %
Aug 22, 2011- Cincinnati, OH @ Mayday *
Aug 23, 2011- Louisville, KY @ Derby City Espresso *
Aug 25, 2011- Asheville, NC @ Bandwagon *
Aug 26, 2011- Chapel Hill, NC @ Layabout *
Aug 27, 2011- Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar *
Aug 28, 2011- Washington, DC @ Bella *
Aug 29, 2011- Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Chapel *
Aug 30, 2011- Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio (please note venue change) *
Aug 31, 2011- Manhattan, NY @ Mercury Lounge (6:30pm early show)  *
Sept 1, 2011- Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks *
% Advance Base Family Band performance with Nick Ammerman, Edward Crouse & Jody Weinmann
* Gordon & Owen Ashworth performing Advance Base songs as a duo
8/19✺ – Dreamcastle
Philadelphia, PA
w/ Pierrot Lunaire, Xiphiidae, Ginny Greenteeth
8/20✺ – Avant Bored
225 Starr St.
Brooklyn, NY
w/ Afterlife, Shingles, Hobo Cubes+JLK, Sundrips, and Xiphiidae
8/22✺ – Betty’s Grill
407 49th Ave. N.
Nashville, TN 37209
w/ Xiphiidae, Malocchio, Geoffrey Sexton (21 + up)
8/24 – The Eyedrum
290 MLK Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30312
Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Nova Scotian Arms, Crow Hill Gnostic Temple
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