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Digitalis LTD: Death by Summer batch

July 8, 2011

these should ship july 22nd-ish:

ltd203: buchikamashi “new astral projection” c30 (75 copies)
space ghost meditations rising from underneath japan
ltd205: mpala garoo “sur satori” c25 (75 copies)
the tropics invade russia and clatter to the floor
ltd206: hobo cubes/j. hanson “the self beyond/vac siddha” split c40 (75 copies)
starstruck synthetics plaster waves of modular debris grown from metallic fibers
ltd207: cray “show fades” c54 (75 copies0
buchla & voyager collisions from the cosmic outback cooked to perfectoin
ltd208: billy gomberg “give or give in” c60 (75 copies)
sprawling compositions of synthesizer & field recordings; irregular drones and muddy rhythms
ltd209: flamingo creatures & hering und seine sieben sachen “kein stress” c40 (75 copies)
subversive ramblings from germany, twisted into faux orchestral embrace
ltd210: s. gone “kimberley al butnan” c38 (100 copies)
danchisko may have shortened the name but the impact is still long for this world
ltd211: atlantis “house of tomorrow” c33 (75 copies)
new guise from maps & diagrams taking an unexpected aquatic turn. get drowned.

individual tapes are $7 US/$8 CANMEX/$9 INTL.  entire batch $42/$50/$58. get in touch.

we also have limited copies of these new arrivals:
charlatan “voyagers” tape (overland shark)
the north sea/pummeler split cd-r (ark tarp)
godseye “bad blood” tape (rocket machine)
indian weapons/baby shampoo split tape (peyote)
get in touch 

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