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Shipping Update + News

June 15, 2011

hey everyone,

just a quick update to say that the mind over mirrors LPs were briefly delayed in customs but we should have them all ready to ship by the weekend.  so be on the lookout!  all outstanding orders for our most recent tape batch have shipped as well.  no worries if you missed out on anything, copies should be hitting all the usual distros any day now.  there are still plenty of available copies to go around.

lastly, tomorrow we will have jürgen müller’s science of the sea available for ordering (as will boomkat).  it will ship in approx 10 days.  we only have a handful available direct.  following that in a week or so will be the follow-up to motion sickness of time travel’s much-loved seeping through the veil of the unconscious entitled luminaries & synastry.  it is being released on CD and LP and while the CD has two bonus tracks, each copy of the vinyl will include a copy of the CD as well.  i’ll keep ya posted.

much love,


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