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digitalis limited: playoffs batch

May 16, 2011

after two weeks of teasing, i am happy to present:

ltd194: paco sala “radial sundown” c38 (80 copies)
electronics swirl with italo hints from this konntinent sideproject, lost in the after hours.  guest spot from felicia atkinson.
ltd196: ghostrider “light pulse” c28 (75 copies)
sequenced and well-maintained blisscapes, floating over germany
ltd197: logan seguin “drone” c45 (75 copies)
following up his fake soundtrack with another exploration of bare-bone keys, samples & minimalist rhythms
ltd198: fake map “a continued garden” c22 (75 copies)
debut from this post-taiga remains project of alex cobb’s, filling the cracks with expert synthesis
ltd199: lunar miasma “the gateway” c27 (75 copies)
magic hour synth stylings from the sunny confines of greece, laced with vapor
ltd201: mike shiflet “meadowbathers” c21 (75 copies)
swashed remixes from joe panzner & shiflet himself from his exquisite llanos album.  noise drone divide.
ltd202: bastian void “ported” c36 (75 copies)
rhythmic casio spells cast with a wide ’90s net; a pre-apocalyptic cybergasm.
ltd204: blue angels “isidora” c30 (75 copies)

uk stronghold of blown-out, drone pop with a subterranean gaze

individual tapes are $7 US/$8 CANMEX/$9 INTL.  entire batch $42/$50/$58
shipping may 30th-ish (just in time for the finals). get in touch.

i’ve also got copies of recent north sea releases on private chronology & hooker vision available plus the aerial jungle 3″ cd-r on hookervision, ossining 3″ cd-r on hooker vision, ossining/afterlife split on stunned, godseye on notice, indian weapons on hooker vision and chemical tapes, and ajilvsga/pine smoke lodge split cd-r on existential cloth.  some other out-of-print titles available too.  like i said, get in touch.

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  1. May 18, 2011 3:48 pm

    interesting to see you skipped ltd200. something big planned?

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