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odds & ends pt. 1

May 3, 2011

spring cleaning unearthed some gems.  mostly single copies, etc.


ltd46: sovetskaya gone s/t c60
ltd47: darwinsbitch “steel hum” c25
ltd75: altar eagle “judo songs” c38
ltd101: sundog peacehouse “bros” c53
ltd119: knit prism “perception” c20
ltd115: greg davis “full spectrum” c40
ltd121: emuul “egeiro” c42
ltd150: “air rings vol. 2” 4way split w/ matt carlson, xela, analog concept, & cliffsides 2x cs
ltd170: geoff mullen “a dust futures” c30
ltd174: quiet evenings “easy listening circles” c30

digi060: imaginary softwoods s/t 2LP
digiv016: twells & christensen “coasts” LP (1 red / 1 black)
digiv025: brother raven “vss -30” LP
digiv022: niggas with guitars “ethnic frenzy” LP
digiv028: gärden sound “black summit” LP

prices are regular digitalis prices.  email if interested.

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