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later this week, 2011 starts early

December 27, 2010

expect to see preorders available for our next tape batch + 2 new lps (niggas with guitars and mandlebrot & skyy, which is a collaboration between rene hell & driphouse).  we’ll have cover images + sound samples uploaded soon.  WATCH THIS SPACE.

ltd62: alms “harsh meditative trance” c33 (70 copies)
ltd71: chicaloyoh “quand les tables se mettent à tournoyer” c20 (75 copies)
ltd124: basic microwaving “fur bath” c42 (70 copies)
ltd151: eagle chalice “infinite altitude” c39 (75 copies)
ltd175: panabrite “nordsee/contemplating the observatory” c106 (80 copies)
ltd176: illusion of safety “busier than happier” c50 (75 copies)
ltd177: mohave triangles “haze for daze” c30 (80 copies)
ltd178: tidal “spore cluster” c56 (75 copies)
ltd179: PAN “discovery plane” c38 (75 copies)

get in touch.

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