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some leftover tapes + upcoming

September 6, 2010

hey everyone,

just a quick note to let you know that we found a handful of leftover copies of some past tapes while doing a little closet cleaning this weekend. quantities of these are very limited, so email me first if you’re interested but the prices are the same as always ($7/$8/$9) and package deals can be had, etc. here’s a list of what we found:

celer “rags of contentment”
steven r. hess “demise”
planets around the sun “gold”
holy family s/t
knit prism “perception”
andrew coltrane “conflict”
pine smoke lodge “twelve faces of the smoke mask”
m. geddes gengras “triptych of the divine & blackened arts”
brother raven “nellie”
ophibre “basil forests”
keith fullerton whitman “taking away”
america reads s/t

we generally have 1 or 2 of each (in some cases 3), so get in touch.

our next tape batch is on the way soon and has fully taken shape, and i’ve gotta say it might be my favorite batch ever. i’m so friggin stoked. here’s what’s in store:

ashley paul tba c30 (saxophone skronk & squeal + voice and guitar shackles)

lace bows “singe qui voit, singe qui fait” c27 (sprawling synths from portugal)

angels in america “allergic to latex” c33 (destroyed & dirty)

beru “daughter of eve” c50 (dark ruminations following up her stellar thor’s rubber hammer tape from last year)

charlatan “holograms” c30 (tekno debut)

christopher merritt “crown heights” c24 (tape manipulations with synth dream weaving)

nova scotian arms “sun flange” c30 (motion sickness of time travel’s other half – concocts guitar statues, solar style)

tassels “the rosicrucians” c27 (electronic impulses. blissed-out beats)

so yeah – i am just DAMN excited. hope to launch these suckers around the 25th, so be on the lookout or get in touch to preorder anytime. new vinyl in the pipeline as well as we’ve got most of our major fall/winter releases sorted out (concern & imaginary softwoods vinyl reissues + new sanso xtro cd/lp + twells & christiansen LP + lawrence english “kiri no oto” lp + more). we’re killing off 2010 in style.

nothing but love,

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  1. Dashiell permalink
    September 9, 2010 10:27 pm

    So so so excited to hear the Twells and Christiansen is finally coming together. Been waiting for that for ages! Ditto on the Concern LP actually.

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