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digitalis back to school

August 22, 2010

so normally i’d post previews of our next digi batch here, but i’ve been so busy that i haven’t had time.  but just a little FYI that on tuesday we’ll have the following gems available:

ltd#152: red math “unhinged” c46
insane acidtekno jams and fractured synth explorations

ltd#156: aino tytti “front praecipitium/tergo lupi” c42
deep space drones using created-from-scratch sound processors using geometric ratios.

ltd#159: reuben son “cortical migrations” c42
third offering from one of boston’s finest.  hypnotic ms2000 sonics and field recordings pieced together immaculately.

ltd#160: basked unit “riverside downs” c28
knit prism & scott cloud bliss the town with faded hues and lucid dreams.

and last but certainly not least:
digiv012: sparkling wide pressure “field & string” LP
debut LP from one of the best kept secrets in south.  takes his recent excursions on stunned & kimberly dawn and dials it up a notch.  limited to 150 copies

tapes are $7/$8/$9 as usual and the LP is $17/$20/$28.  package deals always available, etcetc.  just get in touch.

much love,

p.s. the lawrence english “a colour for autumn” LP will be available shortly, so if you want to preorder/combine shipping with that, we can easily figure something out.

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