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June 21, 2010

hey everyone,

oh man is it hot.  we’ve been pushing 100 just about every day for the past week… factor in the humidity and it’s beyond brutal outside.  but heat death outside means lots to do in the delightful air conditioned confines of digiHQ.  add in our world cup obsession and you’ve got yourself some killer new tapes:

ltd#85: chubby wolf “ornitheology” c92 $7 US / $8 CAN/MEX / $9 INTL

chubby wolf is the nom de plume of celer’s dani long and though she tragically left us last year, her stunning music lives on to keep her voice growing.  “ornitheology” has been in the vaults for sometime but the time finally felt right to let this sprawling mass of phosphorescent beauty spread its delicate wings.

listening to long’s solo works it becomes obvious how potent her contributions to celer really were.  this is subtle, devastating music.  crisp drones that flourish like moonflowers at midnight, sending off sensous queues to your synapses and taking you places far into the sky.  we are all lucky that there is still an exquisite mountain of chubby wolf offerings waiting for their day in the sun.  “ornitheology” is only the beginning.  edition of 125, pro-dubbed & imprinted.

ltd#126: secret colors “dreamersss” c37 $7 US / $8 CAN/MEX / $9 INTL

the first time i heard matt lawson’s (aka secret colors) “infinite wandering” tape, i was hooked.  this is my summer soundtrack and should also be yours.  blissed-out keys and time-warped, sun-soaked guitars greet you at the gates and trail you throughout your journey through “dreamersss.”  rising melodies blanket your ears in a delicate crystalline haze, pouring fluorescent pink rain down your throat and in your eyes.  what a fucking world.

minimal beats take you straight to the beach under overcast skies.  synths blurt out the punchline and glockenspiel serenades bring it all back home.  there’s something increasingly reflective and nostalgic about lawson’s approach.  he records on a warm sonic landscape that adds depth and even a bit of gnarl to his deceptively catchy songs.  in all, secret colors never disappoints and keeps your head bobbing under the sun.  edition of 80, pro-dubbed & imprinted.

ltd#130: alphabets “ALPHABOX” c27+c32+c35+c60 $23 US / $25 CAN/MEX / $28 INTL

alphabets is the nom de plume of denver’s colin ward.  i know a lot of amazing people, but colin’s got a pretty special place in my heart.  there’s something so incredibly pure about his ideas and his approach.  he cranks out incredible tunes like it’s nothing and then gives most of it away for nothing.  amazing, amazing dude.  all that and he’s not even 20 yet.

so after months of preparations and back & forths, we finally give you the ALPHABOX.  this collections past and recent work into a nice & tidy package.  tape 1 is from his new duo project, phonebooks taking his sci-fi electro blasts to another level of insanity.  cut up and & spliced into an aural frankenstein.  tape 2 is called “pokelectrodrums” and sounds like what you think it does.  video game aesthetics with a syrupy synth pop dysfunction.  as ever, the beats carry it but the hooks are endless.  tape 3 is “underwaters II,” the second in a series of sessions where ward took pieces of old recordings of his, blew them to bits and reimagined them into something far greater than the sum of their individual parts.  bloopy goodness.  and then tape 4 is a massive ‘best of 09.’  ward culled through the hundreds (literally) of songs he recorded in 2009 and picked out the 20 best.  it’s absolutely stellar and absolutely mindblowing.  serious, monolithic talent.  edition of 50, pro-dubbed & imprinted.

ltd#150: “air rings vol. 2” 4way split w/ xela, matt carlson, cliffsides and analog concept 2x cs $12 US / $14 CAN/MEX / $16 INTL

our quest to combine some of our favorite synth music continues with another epic excursion.  volume 2 features a side each from type records guru xela, golden retriever half matt carlson, russian mad scientest analog concept and atlanta native cliffsides, all blasting missives into the clouds.

xela buries the grimness of recent efforts and goes positively cosmic, layering an endless array of synths into a beautiful, cacaphonous mess.  matt carlson channels rainbow-era riley and blasts off from there, heading deeper into the drone-zone rabbit hole.  cliffsides camps out mid-80s and arpeggiates laser beams through an 8-bit dream arena.  and analog concept?  russian cosmonauts can only dream of these fucking stars.  edition of 125, pro-dubbed & imprinted.

pictures and loads of samples (esp. for the ALPHABOX) can be found via:

and of course there’s a package deal… $40 US / $47 CANMEX / $54 INTL gets you through the door.  as always, just GET IN TOUCH.

in other news, svarte greiner LP pre-orders should ship out later this week, so be on the lookout.  there was a slight snag (plate issues) on the brother raven LPs, but it’s been corrected and we’re expecting new tests ASAP.  stay tuned to this space for updates.  new vinyl and tapes just around the corner… and lastly, GO USA!  GO HOLLAND!  VIVA ORANJE!

much love,


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