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June 20, 2010

so, tomorrow will see the release of the ALPHABOX on digitalis ltd and suffice to say, i’m super excited about it.  we’ve been working on it for a long, long time and it’s great to see it come to fruition.

alphabets is the nom de plume of denver’s colin ward.  i know a lot of amazing people, but colin’s got a pretty special place in my heart.  there’s something so incredibly pure about his ideas and his approach.  he cranks out incredible tunes like it’s nothing and then gives most of it away for nothing.  amazing, amazing dude (who i am hoping i’ll get to meet next month!).  all that and he’s not even 20 yet.

so in celebration of all things alphabets, i put together this ALPHACAST showcasing his immense talent.



1. Hoops from SUNPOWER
2. Shiva Body from NOV09
3. Moan Roar Squawk Yelp, How’m I Gonna Sway You? from Pow Sound
4. Cough Drops Forever from ALPHABOX
5. Heart Throb Blast Ups from ALPHABOX
6. Shields from Fantazia 2010
7. Sun Mountain Champions from ALPHABOX
8. Mud Monsters Night Swamp Sludge Ballad from June/Monsters/09
9. Rooms from MOONPOWER
10. Walk it Crabs from Underwaters III
11. Phets from DEC09SCIFI
12. Bouncipears from ALPHABOX
13. Ballet Starfish from Underwaters
14. Lemur Toes Sneak Attack Battle Outs from jul/aug/09
15. Night Explodes from Sept09
16. Eezy Breezy from MOONPOWER
17. May World Dream Love Hope Child from Pow Sound
18. Amphibians Dance Teams from Fantazia 2010
19. Pillow Dizzies from MOONPOWER
19. Untitled Unreleased (by Sweater Weather AKA colin & myself)
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