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new digitalis vinyl preorders, altar eagle live, etc

April 28, 2010

hey everyone,

couple orders of business here… first off we’ve got two new records available for pre-order in limited quantities. check ’em:

DIGIV021: Ossining “I Will Be Missed” LP $15 US / $18 CANMEX / $26 INTL
Fresh from the sunny cascades that split the mountains into pieces, the duo of Brad Rose (Altar Eagle, The North Sea, etc) and Kevin Danchisko (Sovetskaya Gone) rip into the bliss that drips from synthetic space nebulae. “I Will Be Missed” is the first vinyl release following up a handful of cassettes. With nods to ’60s Americana via laced cocktails and theoretical academic roots, Ossining takes this drag race to the moon.

“I Will Be Missed” collects three synth-driven underwater vision quests. Crystal sequences are force-fed through strings of filters resulting in flourescent, smoldering towers of muddy ambience. The idea is to make something inherently beautiful that sucks the air from your lungs resulting in a wobbly, unclear treatise. With the cracks smoothed over, each sharp jolt takes on a life of its own turning up the temperature and morphing into a pure white heaven. It’s all hands-on-deck if you don’t want to get dropped into the boiling seas below.

The flipside brings the lightshow to its peak, taking things positively solar. Backed by walls of bloop-infested waters and arpeggiated madness, the duo let the vocals fly. Each run through exudes an underlying tension searching for any hole to escape. As melodies loop and feedback on top of each other, the beginnings are consumed by the ends. Nothing is left to chance and nobody is hoping for perfection. In the end, Ossining deliver two sides of silver-soaked dreams blasted in a holographic glow. Mad men, the lot of them.

Vinyl-only edition of 111 copies in silkscreened covers.

DIGIV023: Heather Woods Broderick “From the Ground” LP $14 US / $17 CANMEX / $25 INTL
**OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS are encouraged to order from BOOMKAT when it’s officially released in a few weeks! it will be cheaper and they have more available**
“From the Ground” is Heather Woods Broderick’s debut album and is as good a debut as there’s been in recent yours. Built around warm, reverberating atmospheres and familiar yet striking melodies, her songs gently wrap around the listener and find magic in subtlety. Her soft voice matches the delicate neo-classical arrangements that are as light as a feather. Careful attention has been paid to the album’s understated production giving the feeling that these are lullabies pulled straight from the still morning air.

Broderick’s songs make the case that sometimes starting out somewhere simple is often better. At the core is Heather and her guitar and throughout “From the Ground” that combination is its greatest strength. Plucked and strummed chords provide the foundation from which these songs take flight. The record is populated by lyrically engaging songs and impressive instrumentals that take the listener into a world full of indian summers and pink sunset skies.

It’s inevitable that anytime “From the Ground” comes up, the fact that Heather Woods Broderick is, indeed, the older sister of everyone’s favorite ultra-talented multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick is mentioned, but his string arrangements and production of the album cannot be overlooked. They add another layer to compositions that are already stunning further making the case that “From the Ground” is an alluring yet subtle force to be reckoned with.

“From the Ground” was originally released on CD by Preservation Records (Australia). This limited LP edition features new artwork and a previously unreleased bonus track.

check out audio samples and order them here:

please note that we do not have any copies of dylan ettinger’s “cutters” LP available directly from us but there are a shit ton available from many fine distributors like mimaroglu, eclipse, alt. vinyl, boa melody bar, tomentosa, discriminate and many many more. PLENTY TO GO AROUND!

ALSO! if you live in or near chicago and have nothing going on next friday may 7th (or if you do, change your plans!) – ALTAR EAGLE will be making its live debut at ENEMY. show starts at 9 PM and we’ll be appearing with caboladies, scott tuma, & zelienople (w/ special guest xela). killer show, come out and say hi!

last thing – next big ol’ batch of tapes should be ready to go as soon as we get back… there’s 8 tapes and if you want to pre-order/want more info/etc, shoot me an email.

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  1. puddin permalink
    May 12, 2010 1:54 am

    Weird how those Ossining records are not exactly flying off the shelves. Its almost as if people are sick of suckers biting the emeralds, but you know, lame.

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