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February 5, 2010

hey everyone,

been a while since i updated the ol’ DSQ blog as i’ve been working on a million other things, but it’s definitely time for DSQ to get rolling in 2010, so look for a new batch of tapes soon.  since i suck at replying to emails in a timely-fashion that ask about upcoming shit, here’s also a quick rundown of other happenings digitalis-related…

as the north sea goes into a bit of a hibernation period while i decide what new direction to head, there’s still a handful of killer releases on the way this year.  most notably and importantly is the new CD/LP on type, bloodlines.  it will be released in late june of this year.  it’s 52 minutes of synth hell and heavy electronics, all backed by mike weis of zelienople on drums.  it’s my favorite north sea album to date, but has me at a bit of a loss of where to go next.  there’s also a digital-only release happening later this month available from all manner of digital outlets called it was the puritans who drank our blood.  this album is the bridge between exquisite idols and bloodlines. i initially planned to just scrap the whole thing, but thought a digital-only release would be a fun thing to try.  so be on the lookout.

ALTAR EAGLE has been hard at work and there’s two new releases to show for it, likely our only two this year.  vintage cats is a 26 minute tape (4 songs) that will be out on digitalis ltd late this month.  all four songs were written & recorded in december & january.  phil french of stunned/super minerals did the art and it is amazing.  even more exciting is the debut album, mechanical gardens, that will be out on type in the fall.  it’s nine songs and the cover art, after a long search, features amazing photographs by alix bancourt.  the split LP with odawas is still in the works as well, but both bands don’t work fast by any stretch of the imagination, so we’ll see when it comes together. we will also be playing a show in chicago in early may.  more on that as it comes together.

the first indian weapons releases should be out soon.  there’s a tape on abbadon as well as a DSQ and digitalis limited release in the works.  ajilvsga remains on hiatus.  it seems like it’s pretty common knowledge now that charlatan is another solo project of mine.  look for a new tape called romances available on anathema sound in spring.  a split tape with jouurney on ruralfaune and a techno-inspired LP are also in the works. a new tough times tape is in the works as well.

beyond that, digitalis has a lot of releases in the pipeline, big and small. dylan ettinger’s cutters LP will be out in a few weeks.  a large-scale new pressing of imaginary softwoods is in the works (2LP and a CD version.  note: please do not email me about preordering/reserving this as we will only have minimal stock… boomkat & forced exposure will take good care of you).  CD/LP releases from scott tuma and svarte greiner.  beyond that are large-run LPs (300 or more) from heather woods broderick, steve hauschildt, carousell (richard skelton), & garden sound (collaboration between barn owl and eternal tapestry).  only a few CDs on the way, but they’re from ACRE & j. hanson right around the corner, steven r. smith and pefkin a little later.  there’s also short-run stuff on the way – best join the mailing list to stay on top of that…  a lot to keep us busy, just how i like it.

i resolve to be more prompt with email replies in 2010.  so far, i have failed that and it’s only february.  working on it.

much love,

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