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DSQ031; DSQ037; DSQ039

December 7, 2009

DSQ031: sovetskaya gone “guadalupe in the promised land” c69
more synth explorations, new & old, from the california russian monster.  speakeasies and heroin-slowed space, every which way until tomorrow.  edition of 25.
sold out

DSQ037: 2 hands on knobs “space bath transformation” c85
epic, all the way to the troposphere.   eighty-five solid minutes of mind-expanding/numbing drones and blops.  oscillations to the sun etc.  edition of 22
sold out

DSQ039: gremlynz “gremlinzz” c20
after midnight, things get murky and keyboards spontaneously turn into balls of flame.  mysterious new midwest vibes, built on tough, squalid drones.  edition of 22
sold out

as always tapes are $6 US/$7 CANMEX/$8 INTL.  all prices PPD. email me to reserve/order.

next: pete fosco, afterlife, + lightshow … then ?

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