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coming next on DSQ

October 26, 2009

alright, so a little DSQ update here…

late this week/early next week will see release of the three following:

DSQ022: youth studies “wedding magic” c28 (ltd to 20)
-second blast from this insane group of fried teenagers-

DSQ027: ciliates “flower life” c30 (ltd to 16)
-solo project from one of the dude in youth studies that is not lexus fur or alphabet planet-

DSQ028: electronic exercises “volume 01” c60 (ltd to 20)
-first in a series of releases of long-form electronic mayhem-

after that will be the 2 hands on knobs c85, sovetskaya gone c69, and the introduction of a new project we’re way excited about, gremlyns.  so be on the lookout.

also, the alphabets/space dive split will probably be cancelled and instead turned into a collaborative effort by the now-named SWEATER WEATHER.  be alert.

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