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next digitalis ltd batch

October 9, 2009

hey everyone,
working hard on the next batch of digi tapes and they’re getting close, so as always i offer you, readers of DSQ, a preview:

ltd#61: bigger insides “hunters gathering” c27 (ltd to 75)
swimming pool (excerpt)

ltd#100: xela “the divine” c54 (ltd to 200)
side a excerpt
side b excerpt

ltd#106: cliffisdes “lucid dreams” c33 (ltd to 70)
faces in the black rose
rivers in your hands (excerpt)

ltd#108: laiha “solar warden” c20 (ltd to 40)

ltd#111: pink priest “east camden” c20 (ltd to 80)
those paws
field of orgasms

ltd#113: drekka “ancestral cave sequence” c40 (ltd to 80)
excerpt #1
excerpt #2

ltd#115: greg davis “full spectrum” c40 (ltd to 150)
side a excerpt
side b excerpt

ltd#118: golden cup “kaleidopea” c20 (ltd to 70)
ursula major (excerpt)
madrigace masico (excerpt – w/ sachiko)

as always, you can pre-order any/all of these.  we hope to have them ready and shipping in about 2 weeks.  just get in touch.

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  1. October 12, 2009 2:43 pm

    Damn, nice looking batch. Can’t wait to check these out!

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