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DSQ010; DSQ024; DSQ025

September 18, 2009

DSQ010-CHARLATANDSQ010: charlatan “hamptons” c30
a slow, crisp autumn morning floating amongst the sine waves.  delicate and unrefined.  loose-fitting fabric and synth heaven. edition of 20


DSQ024-SILVERCONEC-SCRO79DSQ024: silvercone calicos “scarecrow 79” c36
mail collaboration between the north sea and lexus fur.  drowning beats, fluttering keys and guitars, a ride with lsd lenses.  edition of 20

DSQ025-BEC-GROSS MACHINERYDSQ025: black eagle child “gross machinery” c21
outside the realm where factories go to die.  stifled guitar tones built on impossible angles, sorting their way through the mire and into the pulsing underground.  edition of 26


email for availability.  $6 US/$7 CAN/$8 ROW.  more very (very) soon.

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