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digitalis ltd: early september preview

August 27, 2009

as i’m wont to do these days, here are some preview mp3s of the next digi ltd tape batch. (edit: fucked up most of these links last night, but they work now!)

ltd#52: hunting rituals/goatfooted split c60 (35 copies)
split tape from two canadian soulburners.  hunting rituals is one of the many guises of scott cloud, churning up molten landscapes of sound.  goatfooted live inside reverberating caves, plucking guitars and singing to the high heavens.
hunting ritualsgoatfooted

ltd#95: plankton wat “our solar beings” c28 (80 copies)
dewey mahood, the quintessential.  following-up his magickal lp on dnt, dewmah scatters it out like breadcrumbs from oblivion.  trance-inducing.

ltd#96: rambutan “incidences” c40 (70 copies)
new sounds from guitars courtesy century plants, burnt hills, etc troubadour.  pushed through the sonic pipeline in reverse, you’ll feel like you’ve just gone on the worst bender of your life once it’s finished.

ltd#101: sundog peacehouse “bros” c52 (70 copies)
oh man, these cats came outta nowhere to zonk my brain into the sunkissed terraces of the cosmos.  bubbling guitars and synths floating on cotton candy waves, as simple and beautiful as ever.
sample #1sample #2

ltd#103: lakes “monument of nests” c19 (70 copies)
lakes is the brainchild of sean bailey, the main behind the criminally underrated inverted crux label.  fuzzed-out nofi songs with sullied hooks and leftfield strums and layered scuzz beats.  punk in spirit, fucked in sound.
sample (also a track here)

ltd#104: brother raven “nellie” c40 (70 copies)
no sample yet, but think dual synthesizer goodness from this gift tapes duo.

ltd#105: alphabets “pow sound” c34 (70 copies)
a new favorite, bigtime.  denver is birthing some seriously good weirdness these days with alphabets at the front.  cut-and-paste bliss pop songs that will shake your ass, shrink your skin, etcetc.  stays in your head for days.  first release of many on digitalis forthcoming (split cass w/ space dive, full-length cd, etc)
sample #1sample #2

as always, we’ll do pre-orders if you want ’em, just get in touch.  i expect this batch to drop around the 11th or so of september (around the same time as the elm & evan caminiti CDs, seht LP+3″, & bugskull LP).  september is going to be absolutely epic.  get in touch.

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