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DSQ016; DSQ017; DSQ019

August 19, 2009


DSQ016: pink priest “wet empire” c26
chunks of ozark debris fed through the cannibal line of keyboard fuzz and harmonic treachery.  a stone-cooked masterpiece.  edition of 20

DSQ006-TNS_smlDSQ017: the north sea “no sky remains” c34
analog madness rolling downhill, gaining momentum and smashing into a million pieces against a sawed-off shotgun wall.  edition of 24

DSQ019-TOUGHTIMES_smlDSQ019: tough times “some crosses never go out of style” c25
look above and add together.  tough times = pink priest + the north sea.  melodic synth expeditions.  hell on earth.  edition of 24

as always, tapes are $6 US/$7 CAN/$8 INTL.  email to order.  limited availability.

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  1. kevin permalink
    August 19, 2009 10:32 pm

    stash me copies of the new 3 man! awesome

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