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August 12, 2009

been a little bit since i updated here. sorry about that.  trips, insanity, intense recording sessions… it’s been eating up all my time.

so, a couple new CDs on digitalis this morning as well as the pre-order for the upcoming cursillistas LP.  read about it, hear some songs, see some pictures… all that and more HERE.  pretty excited about all this stuff, and really looking forward to this pre-order only special edition of the cursillistas LP.  lots of good stuff to sink your teeth into.  the seht and bugskull LPs are coming up quick, too, with the imaginary softwoods 2xLP not far behind.

dial square should come out of its late summer cocoon next week with the pink priest, north sea, tough times batch.  masters are made, i just need to finish the dubbing.  also getting the next digitape batch underway… i know it will include sundog peacehouse, alphabets, plankton wat, & brother raven.  we’ll see what else.

the north sea (“death mask effect”) & ALTAR EAGLE (“mechanical gardens”) albums for type inch closer to completion.  the TNS album will feature heavy contribution from mike weis (of zelienople).  the ALTAR EAGLE… just wait.  also be on the lookout for TNS tapes from white circle/black dot and gift tapes.

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