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preview mp3s of new tapes etc

July 21, 2009

got around to uploading the sample tracks for all the new tapes when they launch next week, but figured DSQ readers would appreciate an advance look-in:

ltd#59: m. geddes gengras “triptych of the divine & blackened arts” c53 (limited to 80)
excerpt #1
excerpt #2

ltd#81: sovetskaya gone “live in the darkness, die in the light” c20+c34 (art edition limited to 25/regular limited to 60)
sample #1
sample #2

ltd#92: a wake s/t c40 (limited to 70 copies)
photosynthetic regime

ltd#93: the shitty listener “constant stranger” c47 (limited to 90 copies)
i call you up
i know it shows

ltd#97: ossining tba c25 (limited to 70 copies)

ltd#98: tonal wasteland “desolate” c30 (limited to 40 copies)
windswept (excerpt)

ltd#99: enfer boreal “sea of tranquility/sea of darkness” c45 (limited to 75 copies)

and a little bonus sample here of seht’s forthcoming opus (FIRST VINYL RELEASE!), “HRRY.” i can’t tell you how excited i am about this album… some serious next level shit: LISTEN

as always if you want to pre-order anything, just get in touch.

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