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news update

July 20, 2009

big news is the release of ajilvsga’s first LP, “from the muddy banks of the arkansas.”  check out more info HERE.  it’s available from the label or from me/digitalis (got our copies in today!).  also of note is the imminent LP reissue of ajilvsga’s “RED CROW.”  this tape was our smallest run ever (13 copies), so we’re pretty thrilled to get it out on vinyl.  it’ll be on amethyst sunset, limited to 100, and i think they’re taking pre-orders.  all my copies are spoken for, so hit up the label!

up in the next 10-14 days will be some new digi ltd tapes… the big’n is the epic double cassette from digi/dsq favorite, sovetskaya gone.  we’ll have an art edition of 20-25 packaged in repurposed film canisters and a regular edition of 60-65.  also s.gone related is the debut of ossining, the new project from yours truly & sovetskaya.  heavy, blissed synth action.  stoked to finally get some of it out there.  other tapes are from the shitty listener – jason honea of child readers/jewelled antler fame with a string of haunted, beautiful songs; enfer boreal – maxime primault shows why he’s france’s greatest weapon; m. geddes gengras – nearly an hour of epic modular synth explorations from this member of antique bros, robedoor, vibes, etc; body morph – new scrunge from dan exbx; a wake – awesome psych workouts from these former members of beach fuzz.

be on the lookout for new vinyl from seht (the “HRRY” LP + 3″ CDr is a deep, dark journey through early electronica and musique concrete) and the first album from BUGSKULL in nearly 7 years.  the seht release is limited to 150 copies, BUGSKULL is 300.  also in vinyl news is the impending release this fall of cursillistas brand new album, “joint chiefs.”  following-up on “wasp stings the last bitter flavor,” the now-duo of matt and dawn tredge up muddy waters and dark emanations unlike anything previous.  think barn owl meets the dust bowl meets peyote music.  we’re doing a special edition that includes a bonus cassette, free download of the album before it comes out, pin, & i don’t know what else that will ONLY be available for pre-order sometime in august.  it’s gonna rule.

dial square soldiers on… next will be the north sea, pink priest, & tough times (which combines the two).

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  1. August 7, 2009 3:39 pm

    A Wake is two current members of Beach Fuzz and one former member. We didn’t break up.x

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