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home sweet home

May 6, 2009

just got back from chicago last night around 9 (that’s one hell of a drive) and am feeling tired, but still on a high from all the incredible times we had up north.  madison & chicago – you both rule.  the shows were great.  we got an awesome radio recording out of it (which came out so well that you can expect a vinyl issue of it soon).  we started a new band (FACE MELT), hatched plans for a gallery/performance/live-in space in tulsa, spent too much at reckless in chicago, ate a shit ton of great food, met a shit ton of awesome people, probably almost died-by-trucker on I-44 last night, traded tons of tapes… it was awesome.

and if you didn’t come out to either show, you missed some great stuff (the tuma/weis set at enemy was absolutely devastating).  but there WILL be a next time for sure.

so, i’ve got about 200 emails i need to work on getting back to, but i’m taking the day off – so bear with me if you don’t hear from me for a few days, but i’ll get to everything – i swear.  going to have new tapes out this week too – vinyl maybe next week… and i came home to new masters for the ELM and evan caminiti CDs (+ goodwillies/black eagle child collab and an anla courtis album – talk about coming home to fucking christmas!) and organized a couple new split LPs whilst on the road, so expect a ton of news, etc sooooooooon.  now it’s VEG TIME.

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