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thursday housecleaning + updates

April 16, 2009

i’ve got two more sovetskaya gone tapes for anyone who wants them.  otherwise i’ll have them on tour with me next month.

should have one more DSQ tape out before the tour (grave committee) and a handful of other new ones on tour with me (cheek, the north sea, & maybe charlatan or another godseye).  good times abound.

mini-digi batch next week with the ALTAR EAGLE and keith fullerton whitman tapes.  both are larger editions (150 & 200 respectively) w/ imprinted, chrome/high-bias tapes & silkscreened covers.  we went all out on them b/c we’re insanely excited about both releases.

i also have a handful of copies of the north sea tape, TANNED HIDES, on the killer new existential cloth label out of portland, maine.  it comes in mini burlap sleeves w/ imprinted leather (!) inserts.

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  1. April 19, 2009 4:05 pm

    Can you save me a copy of TANNED HIDES for me?
    Stoked on the new digi batch of AE & KFW too, TIP !

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