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from the archives: paste “calm”

April 16, 2009

paste is/was the solo project from shrimper figurehead, dennis callaci.  now, callaci was someone i really looked up to back in the day.  as far as tape labels went back then, to me shrimper was the end all, be all.  pretty much been inspired in everything i’ve done with my labels by shrimper ever since.  it makes me quite happy that he’s still cranking out great records, too, and i’ve heard a rumor recently that there’s a new paste album in the works.

anyway, paste released a duo of tapes on joel huschle’s inimitable car-in-car disco product label back in 95 (96?), and they’re both great.  but for my bones, calm is callaci’s finest solo work (Even ahead of the awesome silverwood lp).  it’s barren, stripped of all its meat… just fragments of bones left.  there’s something so intensely honest and personal about this tape that it rips through all the bullshit.  nothing more, nothing less – it is what it is.  but hey, what it is is fucking great.  long live dennis callaci!


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  1. carlos permalink
    May 20, 2009 12:10 pm

    i love the way you put that about paste i am a big fan as well .
    we are doing a book about the diy cassette culture with the main focus being shrimper car in car and sonic enemy.

  2. Johnp permalink
    July 21, 2009 6:10 am

    Thanks for this. Hope the blog has a long future. Any chance you could up Tension at some stage too? I always heard them as a pair.

    (Paste LP was rumoured in January 2007. We live in hope.)

  3. Josh permalink
    December 22, 2009 9:59 pm

    Thank you so much for this! Two friends and I have been constantly searching for Paste music after hearing a few compilation songs.

  4. Johnp permalink
    December 2, 2011 5:06 pm



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