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from the archives: edith presler

April 6, 2009

edith presler was the duo of jason rothenberg (who recently had an art book published) and some dude named sebastien.  i can’t find my tape at the moment (office is a total mess) so i can’t be sure of what his name was.  but i only knew jason back in the day, so i remember his name.  anyway, edith presler… this tape is pretty good, though is honestly the least-good thing they did.  still, it has some great moments of sullen 4track bedroom pop.  i was REALLY into edith presler back in the day and co-released their only other non-compilation appaerance release – a 7″ that was co-released with little mafia.  i don’t even own a copy of that anymore, sadly (anyone out there have one they want to rip for me?  pleaaase?).  they had some great comp tracks, too.  i’ll do a post with those later.  their tracks on whiskey you’re the devil and chutes & ladders are particularly good.

this is one of those bands i really wish had stuck around.  i think you can hear on these early recordings some serious promise, and i reckon if they’d stuck with it and kept cranking out the jams, they’d be destined for greatness.  or maybe not.  but whatever, i still love ’em.  so here’s for the love of a texas cheerleader (originally released on catsup plate) in all its glory.181


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  1. January 31, 2011 12:30 am

    Found these dudes on “Whiskey, You’re the Devil” and fell in love right away. Thanks so much for this!

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