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sunday housecleaning

March 29, 2009

a few programming notes here from DSQ…

the next tape should be done soonish (7-10 days) and is something i’m not involved in, but a good friend from LA with some synth scorchers.  v. excited.  i’ve still got about 3 (maybe 4) godseye tapes left.  after that, maybe something from the archives – not sure.  we’re throwing around a lot of ideas.  some good oklahoma fronts coming too (alms, language of light, mass ornament).  it’s a good time to be alive.

hoping to post some more bugskull and vegas rips this week.  the alpha bmx has been staring at me lately, and it’s a good one… homestyle math/post rock.  very good.  bugskull continues to inspire.  also, i finally got the lofi show ripped and just need to cut it into tracks.  it’s even better than i remember (well, MSR and ramon speed.  my songs kind of suck and i sound douchey, but oh well – i was 16).

i also found my copies of the first (now out-of-print i believe) azusa plane CD and also his amazing double-dip, america is dreaming of universal string theory.  if anyone wants me to up those, just say the word.  they’re ridiculously good and total highlights from the ambient/guitar drone era.

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  1. Tristero permalink
    March 29, 2009 11:56 am

    I was listening to DSQ001 yesterday, LOUD. Damned good.

    More Azusa Plane would be welcome here, but only if you get the chance – otherwise, no worries.


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