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from the archives: alpha bmx

March 29, 2009

as is the case with a lot of stuff from the okanagan contingent that i’ve got, i was never really sure who was behind any of it unless it involved kevin rivard and/or scott august.  the reason for that was that i never talked to anyone other than those two, rivard especially.  so he’d just send me all the stuff on his (incredible) VEGASp label and vaguely mention who might be involved, or not.  so if the liners had no info, i was screwed and am especially screwed now since i can’t really recall conversations from 12 years ago.

musically, it’s somewhere between oh i dunno… the best bands from the inland empire like refrigerator and nothing painted blue and something more uh.. math-y/post-y.  i like the instrumental tracks best, though whoever is singing on this does have a sort of franklin bruno/peter hughes thing going on that is pretty good.  there was a whole host of bands who had tapes on vegas (filler, delhoya, alpha bmx) that, to me, sounded an awful lot like wonderboy.  none of them WERE wonderboy, but all we’re good.  the thing was, though – as much as i do dig these tapes, it was always a sense of “well, i might as well just listen to wonderboy.”  some kind of epic split double vinyl comp of all these guys would be welcome, though as would information on who the hell any of these bands were…


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  1. Ken Zubiate permalink
    March 29, 2009 6:07 pm

    I feel privileged to finally get a peak into that fabled closet of tapes! Great stuff here.

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