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whiskey you’re the devil: bingo trappers

March 27, 2009

this one is for all my dutch friends out there.  bingo trappers were one of the best – hands down.  there was a huge contingent of incredible hometapers in belgium & the netherlands.  sure, there were folks everywhere doing stuff, but there seemed to be an inordinate amount in those two lowland countries.  wio (now of de portables, then of studio muscle and six million bands) & i used to joke about the tulsa->brugge pipeline.  we were sister cities, no doubt.  my introduction to the waffle contingent was via one of the founders of toothpick (& studio muscle?), hendrik dacquin.  hendrik is an awesome, awesome guy – he wrote the first ever column on foxy digitalis – and was generally just hilarious and full of knowledge (full of shit?  i kid…).

anyway, bingo trappers.  i first heard them because of their shrimper tape (which is great) and got in touch with waldemar noe somehow.  they first appeared on our chutes & ladders compilation (see bottom of post for a bonus download of that song, “rebel’s digest”) and eventually sent me “blue carpet tiles” for whiskey you’re the devil.  this is another example of bands giving incredible (INCREDIBLE!) songs for compilations.  i rate both of these songs as two of their best.

so of course i have a bingo trappers story.  in the summer of 97 (i think – maybe 96?), waldemar and his significant other, tinca (who ran the great luveable nurse label, who released the best of all bingo trappers albums, girliefood) came to the US to play shows and travel around.  i believe they started in california, rented a car, and drove cross country.  so they stopped through tulsa.  i don’t think they expected me to be a mere 17 (must have been 96 then), heh – but we got along really great.  they crashed at my parents’ house (obviously – where the hell else was i living?), my mom cooked a huge dinner, and everyone just hang out, had a great time.  i interviewed them (one of the few in-person interviews i did) and asked waldemar about the story behind “rebel’s digest.”  i wish i remembered who the song was about, but he started playing it and we did an impromptu jam (waldemer on guitar/vocals, tinca on vocals, me on tambourine – ha!) of the song.  i hope i still have the tape of the interview somewhere.  it was great.

a few weeks later we met up in omaha and played a show – little jupiter, bingo trappers, irving klaw trio, ramon speed, + one of conor oberst’s bands.  it was a great time – tons of incredible music, just all around awesome.  i emailed a bit with waldemar again six years ago when i was living in seattle and getting started with digitalis, but haven’t had any contact since.  it’s a shame because they apparently continue to crank out some good tunes.

blue carpet tiles
(note the fucked- up mastering job where the ukraine song from whiskey bleeds in at the end… fucking firey bros. music, ugh.  that’s a long story, but suffice to say they totally fucked the mastering job of the CD and i’m still bitter 13 years later).

rebel’s digest

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  1. March 27, 2009 11:16 am

    waldemar told me this story too – in short: no, he didnt expect you to be 17 😀
    and if you cant find the tape, i still have a copy of the written down interview overhere.
    i’ve seen BT play ‘blue carpet tiles’ back in 2000 with a full band. quite amazing…

  2. dialsquaretapes permalink*
    March 27, 2009 11:53 am

    haha, yeah – it was a little weird at first but i think it worked out alright. heh.

    kept hoping one of those videos would be blue carpet tiles or rebel’s digest, but no luck… need to get a good rip of SIERRA NEVADA too. great LP.

  3. April 17, 2009 7:32 pm

    Hey you waffletrucker I am not full of shit ! 🙂

    And yup, I am still with Wio in studiomuscle. We make web applications, still release music (although at a very low rate) and do, well I guess they would call it “fun stuff”.

  4. January 30, 2010 6:16 pm

    Hi Brad,

    just recently (well, tonight) saw this sweet notes from the past. I remember it well, too. Chicken from the BBQ & and I likes all the jigsaw-puzzles somewhere on a wall – especially the hamburger one. Drop me a mail, got a lot of new songs. Only yesterday we did a show in Adam with Wim’s daughter (17) on bassguitar. Can you imagine that? Take care, Waldemar.

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