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from the archives: jeff fuccillo & ryan poulos

March 26, 2009

i honestly don’t know a lot about this specific tape except that i’ve played it a lot over the years.  fuccillo was obviously the man behind union pole, irving klaw trio, etc.  poulos played ik3 as well as his amazing solo stuff, help me.  pretty sure they’re both in hochenkeit too (i know fuccillo was).  weirdo electronics and god only knows what else, all whirring and spizzing in a congealed mass.  in other words, awesome.

union pole was one of the most consistently good labels around, and this tape is no exception.  nobody does weirdness like this these days.


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  1. Andrew Coonfield permalink
    March 16, 2011 11:22 pm

    Ryan Paulous passed away a few years back… RIP.

    Can’t wait to listen to this… I miss him.

  2. Andrew Coonfield permalink
    March 16, 2011 11:22 pm

    Ryan Poulos


  3. jeffrey fuccillo permalink
    December 27, 2011 1:07 am

    thanks for posting this…I’m bringing together all of the 76 Union Pole tapes for easy access to all – and am in need of artwork for 25 of the releases…the Jeff/Ryan is one of them…this is the entire list, if you have any please pass along to me via email. thanks.

    Jeff Fuccillo, Union Pole

  4. jeffrey fuccillo permalink
    December 27, 2011 1:21 am

    This is the list:

    UP22 – “Buck Rodgers”
    Crayon Skidder

    UP23 – “S/T”

    UP24 – “Infant”

    UP28 – “Split”
    Dancing Test Tubes / Cock E.S.P.

    UP33 – “IS2”
    Incoming Stains

    UP36 – “IS4”
    Incoming Stains

    UP42 – “The Clock Don’t Walk”
    Expose Your Eyes

    UP43 – “Early Recordings”
    Rinpingo Beesto

    UP45 – “Can’t Buy Me…”

    UP47 – “Four Raga…”
    Ashtray Navigations / Aggressive Misery

    UP48 – “S/T”
    Coffee Kulture

    UP49 – “Construct Your Own Guitar”

    UP50 – “Himself”
    Harpin’ with Corey

    UP51 – “S/T”

    UP52 – “Short in Front, Long in Back”

    UP54 – “Cassingle”
    Ryan Poulos / Jeff Fuccillo

    UP56 – “S/T”

    UP58 – “Too Busy Watching Baywatch…”
    Emil Hagstrom

    UP59 – “Oracion”
    Rinpingo Beesto

    UP64 – “Inconvenience”

    UP65 – “Mega Mike and Friends”
    Jon and Dane

    UP67 – “We are the Rendering Men…and You Suck”
    King Frog

    UP69 – “S/T”

    UP72 – “Psychopathic Soulfire”
    Chromatic Persuaders

    UP74 – “Al Green vs. Venom”
    Lord Kalvert

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