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whiskey you’re the devil: diskothi-q

March 20, 2009

i loved diskothi-q back in the day.  they were up there with the mountain goats and refrigerator as kings of the inland empire in my view (and peter hughes going on to become the mountain goats permanent bass player was like the consolidation of inland empire power or something.  ha).  anyway, so i met peter when i went to LA in 1996 to hang out with some friends, and it was an awesome time.  he was living in la verne, i think, and i remember sitting in his front room just talking about random shit for an hour or so and then he took me into the room where all his music stuff was and gave me a bunch of records and tapes (i’m STILL trying to find the party of one white noise tape he gave me b/c i remember being very, very into it.  they may not even be the name of it).  anyway, we walked over to this mexican joint and had amazing burritos – the trip made memorable by the big, scruffy biker dude at the table next to us with his little kid (who was probably 4).  the guy was making silly jokes to the kid and we were appreciating his humor and the just general awesomeness of the whole thing.  anyway, the biker guy left and a little bit later we asked for our check so we could bolt and the waitress said that the guy who had just left picked up our tab.  awesome.  bikers with heart.  i love you, inland empire.

so here’s diskothi-q’s contribution to whiskey you’re the devil – a cover of the cars’ classic, “just what i needed.”  of note is that john darnielle and bob durkee (who owned a studio and recorded so many great records from nothing painted blue, diskothi-q, refrigerator, etc) both appear on the track doing backing vocals.  awesome.  an instant classic.


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