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from the archives: hot asphalte

March 17, 2009

alright, i had to post this on st. patrick’s day… there really was no way around it.  this is probably one of my all-time favorite cactus gum releases, in truth.  hot asphalte was the moniker my friend jim used for a set of bedroom-style traditional irish folk songs.  i remember when he first sent me this tape, i was just so freaking into it.  it sounded awesome and the songs were great/catchy.  it also has the distinction of inspiring the title of the cactus gum CD compilation.  “whiskey, you’re the devil” is such a great song and frankly jim’s version does the clancy bros proud.  my punk band used to do a cover of this song.

i ended up meeting jim in person up at the chicago zoo.  i had gone up there to hang out with some friends and play a show in racine, wisconsin.  appropritately, jim & i decided to meet up at the mountain goats exhibit.  awesome guy.  he got back in touch a few years ago and did some writing for foxy digitalis too.  jim’s the real deal, awesome all around.

1. take her up to monto
2. reilly’s daughter
3. the wild rover
4. the rising of the moon
5. brennan on the moor
6. black velvet band
7. whiskey, you’re the devil
8. no irish need apply
9. the holy ground
10. i’m a roaring repeater
11. off to dublin
12. jug of punch

bonus from north america vs. europe:
a nation once again

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