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whiskey you’re the devil: wonderboy

March 16, 2009

this might be my favorite track on whiskey, you’re the devil.  it was also one of the last things wonderboy (sadly) ever did.  wonderboy was a trio that featured kevin rivard of vote robot on bass & vocals, the guy who did basel & moon on guitar & vocals, and i have no idea who on drums.  and all those could be wrong.  i know rivard was in there, though, since he was one of two people in the kelowna _scene_ i knew.

“who’s who in show business” appeared on their killer tape on catsup plate, senhedro except it was a very different version.  the senhedro version was 2 1/2 minutes.  this one is 5 1/2.  the senhedro version is also a lot more straightforward whereas this one meanders and slowly builds.  like i said, this was one of the last things they ever did, which is too bad because had wonderboy continued down this path there’s no telling how great they would have been.  ah well…


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