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from the archives: french paddleboat

March 16, 2009

alright, i’ve talked about scott august & french paddleboat previously in the covers post, but time to expand on that a bit.  so when i first met scott, he was my age (maybe a year younger?) and introduced to me by kevin rivard of vegas records/vote robot/wonderboy/corvalis/etc.  i used to have these hour-long phone conversations with kevin about all sorts of random shit (i remember him hating a lot of people but in a very-endearing way.  heh.  eden says this is how i am now) and once he told me about this ‘kid’ who was doing some pretty cool stuff and who he was going to start a new project with (vote robot).  so he put scott & i in touch and we hit it off.  scott sent me a couple tapes of his stuff (this one and a tape by his band at the time, 1-800-pope) and we started trading music, chatting on the phone, etc.  i went on to release some of his stuff on compilations and a tape by another band of his, the nova scotias (who were pretty damn good… more on that later).

but this, constantinople, was the first introduction to august’s solo wars i had.  french paddleboat went on to have two particularly impressive LPs on scratch and catsup plate, but even in this early guise you can hear how talented he was.  weirdo electronics with catchy, droney melodies and awesome, casio-style beats (except on “is this tender legal?” which has a vague post-rock feel)… really good stuff.  i even get a bugskull vibe on some of it (particularly “easy rider”).  all the same, it’s a really good little tape and makes me wonder, yet again, where the hell did these people go?


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