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from the archives: bonecure

March 15, 2009

bonecure (or bone cure) were awesome.  this was basically the free jazz counterpart to noggin.  featuring the two nogginers, eric ostrowski and michael griffen (r.i.p.) plus another dude blasting sax skronk until there was no tomorrow.  bonecure was really the first of any kind of free jazz type stuff i heard, so it’s memorable for me from that aspect.  i got their split tape with jarvik vii (which apparently features members of bugskull) from union pole in my first ever union pole order and was pretty floored by it.  i had no idea what i was hearing – it was just a wild, cacaphonous mess, but that was enough to get its claws in.  i heard noggin later, but always jumped at the chance to hear more bonecure.  it was just like a big ball of insane energy directed to your ears.

this tape, “picnic on the drain field,” was one of the first catsup plate tapes i ever bought (along with the excellent skee ball compilation) and was one of the first ever cpr releases in general.  bonecure are in rare form here, blasting away at the shellac on the walls, determined to bring it all down.

michael griffen passed away last year, but eric ostrowski continues on and has a new DVDR out with a new project, chaostic magic lantern, that is a memorial for griffen.  looks like it’s pretty awesome.  eric’s solo stuff, king frog, is (was?) fantastic as well.  i’ll have to dig out my copy of his tape on charlie mcalister’s flannel banjo label soon.


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