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whiskey you’re the devil: ukraine

March 14, 2009

alright, here’s some old shit of mine.  ukraine was sort of the predecessor (by nearly a decade) to the north sea.  it started out when i got my first delay pedal (boss ps-3, which is still part of my rig) and was listening to a lot of azusa plane and windy & carl records.  i pretty just ripped them off in the beginning.

“lilia” is one of the last full-on ambient-style/drone guitar tracks i did.  the ukraine stuff, early on, always had some vague sense of structure to it just because that was my comfort zone.  eventually it evolved into some combination of spaced-out guitars, casios, & moog with lofi/4track ‘breakbeats’ that i am still pretty damn proud of today.  that last incarnation of stuff was supposed to end up on a split LP with kris abplanalp’s solo stuff (he of virgin eye blood brothers, sapat, valley of ashes, etc).  i wish i still had the tape of his side of the LP because it was zoned, stoned, & pretty damn good.  probably have it in some box in storage.  anyway, the stuff from the split LP (plus a few extra zoners) will be on a future dial square tape.  for now, here’s that bitch lilia:


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