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whiskey you’re the devil: ramon speed

March 13, 2009

rather than post the entire compilation all at once, i’m going to start posting random tracks from the old cactus gum CD compilation.  some of it is really quite good, while some of it is, well… not.

first is one of my absolute favorite tracks on the CD, “thinking of the bride,” by the inimitable ramon speed.  hailing from the same town that gave us simon joyner & conor oberst, speed (aka george peek) has much more in common with the former, but is definitely traversing his own tip.  i met george twice: once in lawrence, kansas during a taping of “the lo-fi show” on kjhk (co-hosted by a. graham) which was all live performances of some local kansas city acts, plus ramon speed, myself, and mean spirit’d robots via telephone (i have a tape of that show, in fact.  there was also a great/hilarious duet between mean spirit’d robots & ramon speed w/ MSR on the phone and george trying to sing along in the studio… it didn’t quite work, but what a time…).  i also hung out with him in omaha when i drove up there to play a show with irving klaw trio & the bingo trappers.   opening band that night?  none other than commander fucking venus.  that’s my mid-90s claim-to-fame.. conor oberst opened for me.  ha!  anyway… RAMON SPEED.  he had a couple amazing tapes on sing, eunuchs! (joyner’s label w/ omaha god, chris deden) and a split single with the oft-mentioned, much-loved mean spirit’d robots.  “thinking of the bride” was one of his best songs, though… i always thought the vocals had an awesome robert smith-quality to them, i dunno… just a great song.


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