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from the archives: hochenkeit live

March 13, 2009

this was one of the last ever releases i did on cactus gum, so much so that i’d guess less than 10 copies ever made it out of my house in tulsa.  but i found the master in a box the other night, so it lives on.

hochenkeit was jeff fuccillo, jason funk, & ryan poulos’ post-irving klaw trio band and while it wasn’t the same bash you over the head with their energy kind of thing ik3 was, it was still great.  hochenkeit had more of an eastern/asian vibe going on – not unlike some of sun city girls less out-there moments, or even more closely to the scg-inspired master musicians of bukkake.  but this shit was hypnotic.

the funk/fuccillo/poulos trifecta was an incredible force.  there wasn’t just irving klaw trio & hochenkeit, but various solo projects, sideprojects, etc (poulous’ HELP ME and fuccillo’s WHAM-O stuff in particular).  i’d always wanted to put out more of fucillo’s stuff, was i was pretty excited to do this.  and then i started drinking way too much, and well… so here’s this rare live document… damn good, free-form stuff:


also, mutant sounds posted their first album, i love you, HERE.

and awesome news, fuccillo & funk are back at it in japan with helll.

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