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friday fun #1

March 13, 2009

alright, it’s friday afternoon/evening, so we need some party music.  well, not really party music but just uh…fuck if i know.  we’ll kick it off with something related to ramon speed.  peek played in a lot of damn good bands back in the day, most notably solid jackson (who conor oberst wrote a song about, apparently).  anyway, another of his later incarnations was corsair and honestly this was the only song of theirs i ever heard, but it’s a good one.  it’s from the cactus gum chutes & ladders compilation, so it’s good.

corsair “so this is superman”

another one comes from irving klaw trio’s first self-titled CD/LP release.  ik3 did a lot of amazing stuff, but “911 leo express” is a fucking gem.  seriously, such a great track to open an album – i have put this on so many mix tapes/CDrs over the year i can’t count.  i imagine a band like this would be the house band in anla courtis’ favorite argentine bar.  good times.

irving klaw trio “911 leo express”

and then there’s  this was andy graham’s old band from his college days and cactus gum put out their only (??) tape (which is really, really good.  full-rip coming soon). pretty straight-forward stuff with loads of hooks and good lyrics.  plus, – such a good name, especially for 1996. “holiday drunk”

last but not least, creeper lagoon.  they went on to be on a major label, but before they went down that sorry road, they put out three totally great tapes (and a great 7″, too).  one tape was on a label whose name i can’t remember, one was on shrimper, and one was on cactus gum.  death sentence was an absolute gem in the cactus gum catalog.  “eyes of hazel” was the most straightforward track on the album, and it’s damn catchy.

creeper lagoon “eyes of hazel”

and then there was pie.  greatest rock band from boston in the past 20 years if you ask me.  seriously.  there are so many diamonds in their back catalog, i could post a track a day and, well.. run out in about two months, but that’s still pretty good.  it’s a tough call where to start, so i’ll go from here and do a super-d-lux pie post sometime later.  pie.  FUCK ME.

pie “i wanna be elaine”

working on the next DSQ tape which will maybe be done late next week… keep an eye on teosinte, eden’s got some new bombs cooking.

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  1. dialsquaretapes permalink*
    March 14, 2009 7:30 am

    a note for anyone on emusic – they’ve got irving klaw trio’s first album (w/ “911 leo express” and the _legendary_ “so italian, so intense”) for download. great album.

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