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coffee “destination moon” (blackjack)

March 12, 2009

i know, i know… this was supposed to be tape-only stuff, but i sent this LP to a friend of mine a few years ago to rip for me (he had/has a really awesome setup for ripping vinyl as evidenced by the quality of these jams) and would hate it to be for my ears only (esp. since this incredible LP is loooooong gooooooone).

coffee were fucking superstars.  i mean, not in the sense that many people knew who they were, but they were so fucking good, so fucking in form all the time that they were one of my golden geese, favorites to the core.  they flitted around in the mid ’90s with a couple killer tapes on union pole and giardia, but it wasn’t until blackjack (man… that’s three heavy-hitting labels right there.  it’s a big fucking shame they’re all r.i.p.).  coffee kept going strong well into recent years until their main dude/figurehead, dave cross, passed away semi-recently.  a huge loss to the community he was involved in, for sure.

“destination moon” is a dreamboat of fucked-up goodness.  this was coffee in top-form.  as good as later installments were, for me this was it – the piece de resistance.  it really shouldn’t be lost to the ether… R.I.P. dave.


btw- it’s not broken into tracks, but you can find the tracklisting here.

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  1. March 13, 2009 6:31 am

    Nice one. I have the WKCR CD on Carbon, really didn’t enjoy it at first but it was a grower. Will be interesting to hear more, thanks.

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