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mean spirit’d robots

March 11, 2009

mean spirit’d robots was the nom de plume of tony zito.  i think he lived in portland back then, but at some point also lived in NYC.  anyway, it was more weirdo/bedroom folk, but there was something about zito’s stuff that set it apart from just about everyone else doing the same kind of stuff.  i think the overt sci-fi aspect to it was one thing, and zito’s voice was so distinct.  i’ll upload his one full-tape (his armies is humming) sometime – i want to find a copy of the interview i did with tony back in 1996 and type it up as well to g0 along with it.  but for now, here’s a couple nuggets from two compilations and a 7″ (the recording of the 7″ track is from john peel’s show and i would reckon was the highlight of MSR’s short existence).  “the ballad of AK heart” was from catsup plate’s drowned in a torrent of golden grain tape compilation and is my favorite MSR song.  the other is a short, weirder piece from a tape comp i put out on cactus gum called chutes & ladders.  my other favorite MSR track was called “the things that fall from yr face” and was on the whiskey, you’re the devil CD i put out in 1997.  i’ll rip and upload a copy of that sometime soon as well.

“the ballad of AK heart”

“i heart the cities”
(apologies for the shitty quality – i don’t remember WHERE this mp3 came from)

“music palace NYC”

on a side note, i still have 3 copies of DSQ001: ajilvsga “archived bones” available.  $6 PPD US/$8 otherwise if you want to grab one – email me.

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