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from the archives vol. 3: trumans water “no dead space”

March 11, 2009

this was actually the first thing i ever heard from trumans water, but it was enough to get me going and over the 13 or 14 years since i heard this i’ve become a huge, huge fan.  this was released on union pole, one of my all-time favorite labels, and was just one of many random gems in their catalog.  union pole was the first place i heard such stalwarts as neil campbell, dylan nyoukis, etc.  anyway, “no dead space” is so pretty weirdo/sparse stuff… kind of hazy guitar jams that lead to nowhere, sometimes they’re caustic and sometimes they’re even a little sweet.  the b-side features some full-band jams that sometimes feel like a mellower irving klaw trio and other times feel like drunken punk rock hoedowns or something.  generally it’s just crunchy, bedroom-style goodness.  stuff like this was just major for me in the sense that it had this ‘anything-goes’ aspect to it that made me realize it was sometimes important to just CREATE and then let the rest take care of itself.

now, i was going to break this into tracks, but then that turned out to be a major pain so instead i’ll just post it as two side-long mp3s and give you the (supposed) tracklisting here (though i’m convinced it’s mostly a joke):

side a
1. slashing, 2 minutes
2. slingin’ derp
3. littered w/ scratches
4. a can of whoop-ass
5. glee from action void
6. almost thrilled
7. jitters sting the worst
8. the whole leisurely sequence
9. pele’s hair
10. paulos is drunk
11. damage follows blister
12. more ‘trane!
13. the clown supreme
14. capped by hard rock

side b
1. no dead space jam ’93
2. it’s not saturday
3. gone south to feed at warmer troughs
4. visual effects
5. broke as a rule
6. fossils of this study
7. …and not a drop to drink


as an aside, there’s an interesting series of blogposts on the trumans water myspace, talking about the early days of the band and how they got started, etc.  well worth a few minutes to read.

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