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from the archives vol. 2: old-time covers

March 9, 2009

okay, these aren’t really old-time so to speak, but whatever.  both of these tracks are from the previously mentioned north america vs. europe double c92 comp (which i actually have a few copies of if anyone is interested).  that double tape was pretty epic.  i co-released it with my good friends in belgium, studio muscle.  i filled the north american tape and they filled the european one.

i was a weird kid back then, totally obsessed with all things europe.  part of this stemmed from my total obsession with the mountain goats. when my long-time friend john & i first started ocasek (the first band i was in that still doesn’t embarrass me to this day), i just started writing songs with european themes.  half of them made no sense, either.  but whatever.  so from that obsession came the idea to do this north america vs. europe compilation.

son two contributions i received were cover songs.  first up we have french paddleboat, who went on to have some killer records on catsup plate and scratch, did a total dream synth style cover of don henley’s classic, ‘boys of summer.’


one thing i loved about scott august & his various projects (just found the tape i put out from his band, the nova scotias called a toast to cartel, last night.  rules) was that he was about the only person i knew involved in the whole tape-label spiz back then that was younger than i was.  of course, he went on to form vote robot with another hero of my youth (where is he now?), kevin rivard.  vote robot was/is great, but i always had a lot of love for his earlier projects too (wonderboy and corvalis – both great.  also unearthed a live wonderboy tape i put out in a tiny edition of 15 copies that documented one of their last ever shows.  so, so good)  anyway, kelowna, b.c.  king of the okanagan.

the other cover is of one of my all-time favorite songs, the boss’ ‘nebraska,’ done by union pole’s jeff fuccillo AKA wham-o.  i don’t know wham-o never got the love that a lot of other, not-as-good projects got back then, but i always thought his piles of tapes were seriously great and full of damaged skronk.  fuccillo did get a lot of attention as one of the main players in the always great (SO GREAT) irving klaw trio and later in hochenkeit (another band who i did a live tape by that i found recently). anyway, he did the most straight-forward thing he’d ever done for this compilation and i was way into it:


i am continually amazed as i dig through old boxes of tapes and plop them in the deck, how great this stuff still is.  it holds up, well.  it’s just too bad most of it is lost to the masses, never to be heard again.

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  1. Tristero permalink
    March 10, 2009 3:58 am

    Great stuff.

    When you say most of it is lost to the masses, do you mean the tapes have deteriorated? Ah, that’s such a shame if they have.

    But if it’s because it’s such a mammoth job and you need assistance, give me a shout! I only live about 5,000 miles away.

    Now, it’s a shame I’m not allowed to listen to music at work, otherwise that Boss cover would be blasting out right now.

    I have that to look forward to later.

  2. dialsquaretapes permalink*
    March 10, 2009 7:19 am

    oh no, most of the tapes are in great condition still. it’s more of a situation of i don’t know how many people even have these tapes anymore & whatnot. i’ve thought about ripping a lot of this stuff (& want to), but it’s a matter of finding the time.

    i wish i knew where a lot of these guys were now, though. that’s for sure.

  3. Max permalink
    August 27, 2010 11:57 pm

    Can you tel me the tracklisting of “A Toast To Cartel”? I’m working on the Nova Scotias discography text now but I cannot find any info about this tape.

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